Selling racing horses and dogs by auction is a standard in most parts of the racing world.  While Gavel House has become an established part of the New Zealand racing landscape, until now it hasn’t been possible to buy or sell greyhounds by auction in NZ.

Greyhound Auctions NZ Ltd (GANZ) aims tp provide that service.  GANZ brings together the vast experience of Opawa Racing, NZ’s leading greyhound racing operator, with NZ’s leading provider of web, data, and digital solutions for racing.

Opawa Racing

GANZ has been established by Opawa Racing.

While formed in 2007, the three friends who established Opawa Racing had raced horses and greyhounds since the 1990’s. They then set up Opawa Racing and began to take the breeding and racing of dogs more seriously.

Since then have won some of the top races in New Zealand (including the NZ Cup 4 times), and have raced and bred a lot of winners. The official number of races they have won is hard to clarify, but it is in the thousands.

The Group 1 & Group 2 winners include (but are not limited to):

Winsome Show

Winsome Daisy

Winsome Bucks

Winsome Uno

Winsome Dosh

Winsome Blitz

Opawa Swede

Opawa Shackley

Opawa Hop

Opawa Eye

Opawa Hilary

Opawa Rose

Opawa No Eye

Opawa Brad

Opawa Kevin


David Archibald

David has over 20 years’ experience in web and IT including managing the largest channel of digital solutions in Wellington.

For the past 2 years, David has been working solely on providing data and web solutions for the racing industry.  He provides all speed maps for use on Trackside and has a suite of racing sites he manages:

Formpro –

Formpro Ratings –

Greyhound Sectionals –

Hutchi’s Honkers (Hong Kong racing) –